Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rainbow Sherbet

Top | Shorts (similar) | Shoes | Necklace | Bag

I'm not sure if it's the unexpectedly sunny weather or the fact that this entire outfit is a rainbow of neon, but all I want right now is a little rainbow sherbet. This outfit was actually my road trip gear. Although, if I'm being realistic - I should be barefoot in these photos since I probably spent a total of 5 minutes wearing shoes while on the road. Mostly it was a feet up on the dashboard, car dancing kind of day.

Nonetheless, a fun and sunny look just felt right. I couldn't choose between my neons, so I just wore them all! This bright orangey coral top is so perfectly loose and breezy, yet it pops like a show stealer. It's perfect for dressing up or down. I've worn it approximately 1000 ways thus far and I think I'll be needing it in every color. Sadly, these precious Lilly Pulitzer for Target shorts are long gone, but I'm seeing some pretty amazing printed shorts options out there right now and I love it! They're perfect for making your casual ensemble a little more fun and for pretending you're on vacation, when you might just be hanging out in your back yard.


  1. Love the way you styled those cute shorts! That necklace is gorgeous too!

    Sierra Elizabeth

  2. Those shorts are adorable! Love this outfit! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie