Monday, April 20, 2015

The Five Best Dates

Hello perfect date night dress!

I'll be honest, I was a little on the fence about this dress after I bought it. I had the initial rush at the store when I thought I'd found a treasure and then slowly over the next couple of days I started to doubt my decision-making skills. Was this, in fact, a treasure? Well I threw it on one last time to decide - and HELLO it's pretty much perfect. It's like the sisterhood of the traveling dress: nice on the hanger, but fits perfectly when you're actually wearing it. It somehow seems to hug and flow in all the right places. I bet if I were to send it to my three best friends, it would fit them all perfectly too...well maybe that's just in the (fantastic) book/movie series.

Anyway, I decided since I was wearing the dress I'd better show it off, so of course my man friend and I went on a dinner date. It got me thinking though, other than dinner out on a summer night, what are my top five favorite dates?

My Five Favorite Dates

1.) Farmers Market Treasure Hunting - We love to hit up the Ballard Market for pretty flowers, tasty veggies, and a street dog to finish, of course!

2.) Hiking/Outdoor Exploring - Living in the Pacific Northwest, we've got ample opportunity to hike and explore in some of the most beautiful places!

3.) Paddle boarding/Soaking up the Sun - We are definitely paddle boarding novices, but we are always game for anything involving the sunshine and some water!

4.) Cooking together - Throw on some jams and get cooking! A pizza from scratch is often our go-to, I make the crust and he's the pizza sauce wizard. We usually end up laughing until we cry and I often get kicked out of the kitchen for taking my sweet time or eating all of the toppings.

5.) Disneyland - because it's the happiest place on Earth, duh!

In the end, it doesn't really matter what you do, just put a smile on your face and go have some fun already! What are your favorites?


  1. I just came from the What I Wore Link Up. I love this outfit. So unique!
    You should come link up over at my style & beauty link up! The Style Files Link-Up

    1. You are too sweet - thank you! I will definitely take you up on that!

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