Saturday, April 11, 2015

Casual Stripes

Jacket | Boots (similar) | Tee | Jeans | Hat (similar)| Clutch (similar) | Watch | Bracelets

Oh lazy weekend mornings, how I love thee. My man friend and I woke up fairly early this morning (we're old), threw on a sweater and took a stroll down the street to our favorite bakery for almond croissants and lattes. We then promptly did an about face, walked home, and put our pjs back on to relax. Best morning ever. Eventually we made our way out of the apartment to greet the day (around 3) and I got to wear my new military jacket!

I'm pretty excited because I've finally found a long, lightweight, hooded, green military jacket! Hooray! I happened to stumble upon this guy at F21 for only $40. It's perfect for this on again off again spring we've got going on since it's lightweight AND hooded. It will also be great with dresses or pants since it's got the nice long length going for it. On another note, I've been going all out with horizontal stripes lately. Apparently, the no horizontal stripes rule went out the window at some point because they're everywhere, and I'm loving it. I'm a pretty big fan of this boxy Madewell version I've got going on here. They're sold out of this pattern, but they've still got the style in stock. The classic tee can keep a slouchy, casual ensemble looking nice and crisp...even on the laziest of days.


  1. I love this look! Cute but simple and easy! The clutch is the perfect colorful touch.

  2. Thank you!! It's all so comfy and easy to throw on, I can tell it will be a bit of a rainy day uniform for spring!