Sunday, August 17, 2014

A-line Love

Oops, it's my favorite summer skirt again. It's pretty fitting that I would post it twice in a matter of a couple months since I wear it pretty much every week. I still think it's the absolute greatest, although I clearly need to steam that sucker. If you have a skin tone that looks great in a bright yellow, I would highly recommend snagging this skirt in light citron it at your earliest convenience. 

I'm sorry to report, this top is no longer available. I love to play the game of shopping -looking at EVERYTHING- and coming home with nothing. I'll think about everything I saw and if something sticks with me until the next time I'm there, I buy it. I know this probably hints at my commitment issues, but I've scored some pretty awesome pieces by letting fate decide if the items are still available by the time I'm ready to commit. I debated on this pretty little crop all summer long and finally purchased it, only to realize it would become a summertime staple.

I also have to say that while this outfit would have pulled together quite nicely with a pair of heels/wedges, it was definitely a day for flats since we ended up walking approximately 4000 miles (including a very mild hike). These shoes were pretty awesome though. They're simple, cute, and more comfortable than some sandals that I've spent a pretty penny on. And they're less than $20! I highly recommend them if you need a pair for travel that may not look so pretty when you get home. 

J Crew Factory Clutch (black sold out)

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