Thursday, July 24, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Clutch (old) Similar / Target Dress / Target Shoes (old) similar / Nordstrom Necklace (similar) / Disneyland hat (similar)

I'm a notorious clothing pack rat. Most other things in my life, I'm happy to clean house with, but clothes I will keep forever. Every time I realize I need to clean out my closet (usually at the suggestion of my husband), I find items I purchased years ago and never wore. This obviously becomes a challenge to wear it immediately to prove it's still relevant as crazy as it looks. These shoes are just that.

I paired the wedges with a pretty simple look since they're kind of a spotlight stealer. This dress though. It's fabulous, It's the perfect basic to dress up or down or accessorize to death, if that's your thing. Also, it's now on sale! I would suggest purchasing it in all colors.

Oh and one last thing: if you're wondering about my Disneyland hat, yes I really purchased that at the Indiana Jones shop in Disneyland. My best friend and I went on a trip in 2010 and my poor Scottish head could not take the direct sunlight all day. I marched right into the nearest shop and purchased a pretty perfect fedora that I've worn for years since, thus proving that you can buy a useful souvenir in Disneyland. You just never know.

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