Monday, July 21, 2014

Plain and Simple

J Crew Tee / Gap Denim / Keds Dottie Sneaks / Madewell Leather tote / F21 Floral Necklace

I've been all about the Keds for as long as I can remember. I sported them with my stirrup leggings as a tiny tot and then proceeded to wear them through high school, college, and my current state of early adulthood. It's come to a point where there are two things that I can pretty much guarantee Santa will bring each year, Keds and OPI nail polish. Lucky for me, the designers at Keds have come out with about a bajillion adorable new styles over the last couple of years and I can't get enough of them (thanks T-Swift)! Whether you snag a pair of Kate Spade editions or go for the classics, it's pretty easy to find an adorable pair for anyone!

Side note: I was snooping around on the Keds site and found these stellar, low-cut, incognito socks that come in an array of colors fit for a unicorn. You can wear them with all your tennis shoes that you pretend to be barefoot in, but secretly aren't. And they're cotton, cotton! With a heel gripper! I was sold. Just thought I'd pass that along.

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